Nicola Sturgeon is to report a Conservative MSP following a comment made during her answer to a question about anti-Irish racism.

The First Minister was responding to a question by Glasgow Labour MSP, Pauline McNeill, about action following the singing of ‘the famine song’ by a mob on Argyle Street in Glasgow last weekend, before the Old Firm match.

Sturgeon had said: “There is never ever any excuse for hatred or bigotry. I condemn anti Irish prejudice. it should be called what it is and should be called out.”

McNeill said: “I’ll work with her to ensure all forms of racism and bigotry stamped out in Scotland."

Sturgeon was making her response, and said: “I take the view anybody who chooses to live in Scotland whether their family has been here for generations or has come here recently this is home and we should not allow anybody ever to say…”

At that point she was interrupted by a comment coming from the Conservative benches.

She said: “I’ve just had a comment made from a sedentary position I’m so deeply offended by I do want to take it up with you so the member may want to reflect and withdraw.

“It was a  comment unacceptable in any context but in the context of what we are discussing I’m deeply aggrieved any member thought it was appropriate to say.”

It has been reported that a Conservative MSP said “except if you’re English”.

The Presiding officer, Alison Johnstone, intervened and said MSPs should “at all times treat one another with great dignity and respect.”