HOSPITALITY has got away with paying rubbish wages for sometimes a tough job with unsociable hours (Scotland’s hospitality industry at ‘breaking point’ amid staff shortages, Monday).

Not to mention, not knowing from one week to the next how many hours you have. If they want to make it more attractive then the solution is to ensure a salary over £26,000 – that way it’s above the threshold to allow foreign workers to work in the UK. The UK government dropped the threshold after Brexit.

It’s mad how another article is going on about the £20 cut to Universal Credit, how it’s going to effect under-25s the most. The problem in this country is people don’t realise benefits are meant to be temporary.

Not a lifestyle choice! People in work and on UC are deliberately only doing less hours as they can claim UC for the rest. It’s a daft system.

John Galt, Posted online

ANOTHER bus trip and again more passengers sitting with their mask either in their hand or around their neck.

I wish drivers would refuse to let passengers on to the bus if they don’t wear a face mask. It’s an absolute farce now. I do not want to sit anywhere near a passenger who is refusing to wear a mask and coughing every two minutes.

It’s time for these passengers to have some respect for other people, instead of just thinking about themselves and doing as they please.

Refusing travel on the buses would get the point across and hopefully help and enforce the rules.

Jason Miller, Glasgow

HOW sad is it that the SNP-led Glasgow City Council can’t accept there is a problem and a massive one at that (Thomas Kerr: It’s time we got a grip on city cleansing crisis, Monday)?

How much sadder is it that the SNP supporters would rather try and look for other areas down south that are Tory-controlled as a means of deflection – that is just pathetic.

Glasgow needs cleaned up and its needs the people in power to start looking after the place. Third biggest city in the UK. Biggest and one of the most important cities in Scotland and the Scottish Government just doesn’t care in the slightest.

In my opinion, it has to start with the removal of Susan Aitken from power – something needs to be done rapidly.

Moonk Calder, Posted online