TRNSMT festival is set to go ahead this weekend on Glasgow Green, with some of the music industry's biggest names on the lineup. 

With Covid rates still high in Scotland, there are certain measures in place to keep staff and attendees safe. 

There are also rules about what you can and can't take into the festival, with bag sizes limited to 30cm x 42cm. 

With that in mind, here's your guide to what you CAN'T take with you to the festival...

What CAN'T you take with you to TRNSMT 2021?

If you are found with flares, gas or smoke devices, they will be confiscated and you will not get these items back. 

This is because the use of flares and smoke devices is illegal and could put yourself or others at harm. 

The operation of CCTV across the venue means anyone found to be in possession of such items could be prosecuted. 

Other similar items that are prohibited include: 

  • fireworks
  • sparklers
  • confetti cannons
  • Chinese / sky lanterns
  • firewood
  • candles or any flames
  • excessive amounts of cigarettes and/or vapes 

People with the following devices will also be denied access to the festival:

  • professional cameras
  • video/audio equipment including removable lenses
  • drones
  • portable laser equipment
  • laser pens
  • air horns
  • megaphones
  • sound systems

Other banned items include:

  • vuvuzelas
  • kites
  • frisbees
  • boomerangs
  • spray paint cans
  • aerosols over 250ml
  • gazebos
  • glass bottles
  • jars
  • containers
  • unofficial tabards and reflective jackets (Hi-Vis)
  • Fake ID
  • flagpoles
  • umbrellas
  • selfie sticks
  • inflatables
  • chairs
  • any item that could be considered a weapon

Can I take food or drink into TRNSMT?

No, attendees are not permitted to bring their own food and drink into the festival. 

Organisers say that if these items are found they will be confiscated. 

Metal and hard plastic water bottles are also not allowed. 

You CAN bring a soft 500ml plastic bottle in with you to fill at various water stations. 


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