IT was a unique school trip for two Glasgow secondary pupils as they found themselves unexpectedly meeting royalty - after a cancellation by the First Minister.

Holyrood Secondary teenagers Muhammad Sarim and Aaron Walsh had been invited to speak to Nicola Sturgeon on climate change.

After the event was postponed from Monday to today, they showed up at Kelvingrove museum prepared for a chat about COP26.

But when Ms Sturgeon was not available, Muhammad Sarim and Aaron Walsh were placed in the line up to be introduced to the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay.

And the event certainly gave them a tale to tell when they returned to the Govanhill high school. 

Glasgow Times:

Aaron, 17, who is in S6, said: "We were meant to speak to Nicola Sturgeon today about climate change but obviously then she's not here so we got to speak to the royals about Glasgow.

"It was supposed to be Monday but it was postponed because of the weather. 

"Then we were told it was was here, it was today... but were got here and were told instead that the royals were coming."

When Prince Charles and Camilla first entered Kelvingrove at the start of today's visit, Muhammad and Aaron were in the line up.

And they were determined to share their knowledge on climate change and COP26 with the future king.

Megan Gardner, depute head teacher at Holyrood, was accompanying the two boys.

She said: "We don't really know whether it was a mix up or what happened but they were allowed to stay and speak to Prince Charles.

"They still managed to get a bit of the climate change information in there." 

Aaron said: "Charles asked about online studying. 

"Camilla asked about Glasgow and about the museum and what we liked about Glasgow.

"We said we were very focused on climate change recently and on COP26 happening."   

Muhammad added: "He asked about our experience during lockdown and about our exams - even though I'm only in third year." 

Ms Gardner praised both boys, saying they were an incredible asset to their school.

She said: "To be caught unawares with such prestigious VIPs and to be able to speak so confidently and answer the questions that were asked and really engage both the royal couple, they are an absolute credit to our school community and also to their families as well.

"I am so proud of the way they handled themselves today and they were fantastic ambassadors for the school." 

Aaron and Muhammad were returning to class reeling from the experience.

Muhammad added: "My mum is not going to believe it when I go home and tell her, she's going to be so proud.

"It's one for the memory box."