PARENTS have warned they felt “misled” over the rise in free nursery care as not all Glasgow centres are capable of handling the increase to 1140 hours.

Families across the city were delighted when the Scottish Government scheme to offer additional free hours for youngsters over the age of three was rolled out last month, after plans to launch the programme last August were halted as a result of the pandemic.

However, parents and carers say they’ve been left “disheartened” to discover not all Glasgow City Council nurseries are capable of meeting the 1140 hours pledge.

One mum who had hoped to enroll her son into Craigton Nursery in the Southside was informed it couldn’t offer the full allowance.

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The parent, who asked not to be named, said: “I was quite keen for him to go there because it’s so close to home and, to be honest, it hadn’t occurred to me that some places wouldn’t be able to do the hours.

“It feels a bit misleading and I don’t want him passed from pillar to post so, now we’re in the process of settling in at another nursery.

“I just don’t feel the Government was clear enough. I know so many parents who have been completely blindsided by this.”

Despite each three and four-year-old now being entitled to 1140 free hours, there is no requirement for every nursery to operate a model in which they can offer the full entitlement.

The council said as many nurseries as possible are offering the 1140 hours pledge, however, there are some – such as those which operate in school opening hours – which cannot accommodate the increase.

In those instances, parents and carers have been advised to use a “blended model”, where children can complete their entitlement at another facility or childminder; or opt to attend another facility that has the capacity to meet the new government pledge.

A council spokesperson said: “Our nurseries are offering parents as much flexibility as possible and we have a number of different models operating in line with the Scottish Government guidelines.

“Our nursery classes are open in normal school hours and families choose this service to suit their needs and that’s why the blended model is in place for parents and carers to use their additional hours with another provider or service.

“Parents and carers can contact the early years team via the Glasgow Family Information Service for advice on these matters or speak to the staff in their nursery for guidance.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said: “Councils, settings and providers have been preparing for the delivery of 1140 hours since announcement of the expansion in 2016 and that work has continued throughout the pandemic. The Scottish Government has supported local authorities throughout these preparations and we are thankful for the massive amount of work done by all those involved to get ready to deliver the 1,140 hours offer.

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“Every local authority in Scotland – including Glasgow – assured us they were able to offer 1,140 hours to all children by the start of the new term – a truly transformational offer that will benefit children and families all over the country.

“The expansion to 1,140 hours of funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) was made possible by a close working partnership between the Scottish Government, local authorities and ELC providers across Scotland, underpinned by a landmark multi-year funding agreement. Delivery of the 1,140 hours offer will bring Scottish Government funding for ELC in 2021-22 to over £1 billion.”