DISABLED and vulnerable children have been left to make their own way to school after transport services were withdrawn. 

Parents of pupils attending Hillpark Secondary are angry that Southside Radio Cars will no longer be providing the service.

They have described the latest development as “appalling”.

One mother, who wished not to be named, said: “To receive the notification that the transport would be cancelled for your child who has learning disabilities at 3.30pm on a Friday really distressed us.

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“We were basically told that we would need to take the matter on ourselves and find our own way of getting our children to school.

“They are being failed by the very services that are there to protect them and treat them as human beings with respect and dignity as many do not have a voice.”

In email correspondence seen by the Glasgow Times, an email to the parent from the school reads: “I am afraid I have been contacted by transport to inform us that there is no taxi provision for your child from Monday as they have no company to take the contract.

“They have asked that you make your own arrangements to bring your child to school.”

The reason for the withdrawal of the service is unexplained.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act, schools must make reasonable adjustments to ensure disabled pupils can access and participate in education. This often includes using resources to help the pupils get to and from school.

The mother added: “Without this provision, some children will not be able to attend school.

“Failing this contract will have a detrimental impact on the children who need to be in taxis where there is a licence in place and a responsible adult.

“The children have been left really anxious and stressed due to the disruption to their routine.”

And due to the stress of the situation, the mother’s son missed school the following Monday.

Parents have speculated that Southside Radio Cars cannot meet the agreements due to lack of drivers. The firm has, however, not confirmed this.

The parent said: “I was advised during the summer holidays that this company would be recruiting more drivers. 

“I understand that there is Covid but we need to move on from that and work with what we have got.

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“They applied for the contract and they have a duty to fulfil that job. They knew they would need additional drivers during drop-off and pick-up times.

“Why would you give additional stress to vulnerable children?”

Southside Radio Cars said it could not provide comment.

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: “The impact of the pandemic is causing some challenges for our schools and families but we continue to work with our partners to reduce the risk of affecting learning and teaching.

“We apologise to any young people who have experienced any transport problems and we are working hard to minimise any disruptions due to reduced services.”