A MAN was seen punching, kicking, and striking his dog's head off of the ground in a busy Glasgow city centre street.

Mark Main carried out the attack on his Staffordshire Bull Terrier on June 23 last year, whilst on Sauchiehall Street at 1.25pm.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, prosecutor Ali Roy said: “Two witnesses were walking along and observed the accused with his dog.

“He punched, kicked, and forcibly struck the dogs head off the ground. Due to this, police were contacted and attended.

“Officers traced the accused shortly after. In reply to caution and charge he said, ‘I never battered my dog’.”

Main’s pet was conveyed to kennels, and it was confirmed he was in good health.

The court heard that no injuries were reported, and the dog did not receive any vet treatment.

Glasgow Times:

Main, who pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the animal, advised his defence solicitor that he “loved” the dog.

The lawyer said: “The dog was a son to him. He is very anxious to have him returned. This charge has been very difficult for him to deal with.

“He tried to convince himself the incident didn’t happen. This coincides with his position today. He accepts his guilt and is very sorry. He acted horribly.

“He has a lot of affection for the animal and finds it difficult to accept he acted like this, even under the influence.”

Sheriff Jonathan Guy banned Main from owning or keeping any animal for one year.

He also ordered him to comply with a restriction of liberty order, which will require him to remain within his home address in Cranhill from 7pm-7am for 81 days.

The sheriff said: “The circumstances show extremely poor behaviour in relation to your dog, and you accept that.”