GLASGOW is facing a “mass casualty” if urgent funding isn’t made available to restore a “crumbling” Southside flyover, campaigners have claimed.

Members of Drumoyne Community Council have urged Glasgow City Council to carry out immediate repairs on the busy Shieldhall flyover.

Chunks of brick have allegedly fallen to the busy Shieldhall Road below, close to a busy bus stop, while water has been spotted pouring through “holes” on the expressway during heavy rainfall.

Community councillors have pleaded with the local authority to tackle the issues before “someone is killed”, however, they claim they’ve been told budget constraints won’t allow the project to be handled for the foreseeable future.

Glasgow Times:

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Lisa Devlin, chair of the group, said campaigners have been embroiled in a five-year battle to have the repairs completed but fear time is running out to stop a potential tragedy.

She said: “It’s basically crumbling and we’ve been asking for years when it will be fixed.

“We’ve been told there’s no money in the pot ... It’s going to collapse and it will cost a lot more money if someone is killed.

“There’s a bus stop at the Shieldhall roundabout and there’s concrete falling under the flyover.”

She added: “If somebody had been sheltering under that during the rain, they could’ve been killed.”

The busy Southside flyover is a popular route for those visiting the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital as well as those travelling between the Cardonald area to the West End via the Clyde Tunnel.

Meanwhile, Shieldhall Road, which runs underneath the expressway, carries shoppers between Braehead Shopping Centre and Rangers’ Ibrox Stadium.

Both streets are known for heavy traffic jams during rush hour due to its central location for those travelling across Glasgow.

A pedestrian and cyclist tunnel also runs underneath.

There have been a number of inspections carried out on the site over the years and Glasgow City Council insists the necessary upgrades are a priority.

However, its popularity with commuters and public transport users alike has resulted in large volumes of traffic both under and on the flyover every day, causing concerns that it’s a “matter of time” before serious damage occurs.

Lisa said: “The council send somebody out and they basically cleaned it up and said they would inspect it every few weeks.

“It’s just not good enough. They keep saying it’s a funding issue and they will get to it ... it needs fixed as soon as possible.”

Those living or working close to the site, including community council member Jim Creaney, who runs Ridgeway Dairy on Shieldhall Road, claim they’re constantly nervous about the potential dangers the site possesses.

Glasgow Times:

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Jim and Lisa have held meetings alongside fellow community council members in a bid to speed the process along.

However, a spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said plans are being worked on and funding is being sought to ensure the repairs can take place as soon as possible.

They said: “The Shieldhall flyover requires to be repaired, but it was recently inspected and it remains fit for continued use.

“We have been working on plans for those repairs to be undertaken and our design work has been completed.

“We are now working to secure the funding to ensure those repairs can go ahead.”