WE LIKE a mystery here at Times Past but this is an unusual one – can you help a reader find out if this oil painting is a genuine Scottish Colourist find?

Thomas Thorén got in touch about the work, which his wife inherited from her grandfather who was a sea captain in the 1950s and 60s.

“It has been signed L Hunter, and we are trying to find out if it is a genuine early work by George Leslie Hunter,” explains Thomas. “An established gallery thinks it might be, but we lack evidence. Perhaps Times Past readers will recognise it, or know where it was bought or maybe have seen it on a wall in the background of an old photo?”

Glasgow Times: The signature on the painting suggests it could be an early work by Hunter.

Thomas adds: “The Scottish gallery we visited have carefully examined it and think it may be an early work but without the provenance they could not help us more.

Glasgow Times: George Leslie Hunter.

“Portland Gallery in London think it looks like his early work, but because he would only have been 18 when it was painted in 1895, they do not believe it could be by George Leslie Hunter. I think such a beautiful painting will have made its mark somewhere.”

Get in touch if you can help.