A NEEDLE has been discovered at a Southside high-rise building just days after residents spoke of their security fears as addicts were caught doing drugs in the stairwell.

Terrified residents said hopes that the situation would be resolved were dashed over the weekend when the object was discovered close to Hillington block’s side door.

The item was not touched and no one was injured before it was swiftly removed.

A frightened neighbour said: “After last week, we all really thought this would be sorted but it’s not really been the case at all.

“We know there isn’t much that can be done in a couple of days but to find more stuff so soon after the last bout is just disheartening.

“We’re just becoming really uncomfortable living here.”

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As previously reported, residents of Tinwald Path have pleaded with the building owners, Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), to tackle “ongoing security issues” at the site.

Drug paraphernalia, including spoons and residue, was discovered on the stairwell, which those living in the block described as the latest in a string of incidents at the flats.

Residents are made up of a mix of homeowners and GHA tenants.

A spokesperson for GHA said it is working with police to ensure residents feel safe and it’s also working with tenants to help ease their concerns.

Glasgow Times:

They said: “We work very closely with the police in our communities through our Community Improvement Partnership to reduce antisocial behaviour and crime. The police are now investigating this incident.

“We’ve been in touch with every resident in the block to offer them home safety advice, reassure them of what we’re doing to clamp down on drug use in the area and to remind them to report any incidents to the police.

“We have also handed out personal safety alarms to give people peace of mind and our concierge are continuing to carry out daily and nightly checks on the block.

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“We will always take the strongest possible action against people who are guilty of antisocial behaviour, including eviction.

“Anyone who has any concerns should get in touch and we’ll continue to do all we can to help.”