Glasgow City Council has said it has not received advice or requests from the police to re-route any Orange parades this Saturday.

Thousands of Orangemen and women and followers are expected to take part in more than 30 parades from across the city converging in the city centre  and Glasgow Green for the first big Orange parade since lockdown was lifted.

The Council responded to reports on social media it had refused a request to re-route parades away from Catholic Churches.

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It said it has had no such request and police confirmed it has not given any advice.

Protest group Call It Out has said it is planning to hold “peaceful protests” outside two churches on the routes.

It claimed the Police had asked for parades to be moved.

The council posted on its social media: “We are aware of social media reports suggesting GCC rejected Police advice to reroute processions this weekend. It is important to be clear that this is untrue.

"We are working in very close partnership with police ahead of the processions and they have offered us no such advice.”

A council spokesman said: "Police did not raise any objections, request any alteration to routes or otherwise give the council advice regarding the processions.

"We have confirmed with Police Scotland today that both organisations share the same understanding of the current position.”

Police Scotland said: "We can confirm we did not advise the council to re-route any of the processions taking place on September 18"

It added it was "committed to supporting the human rights of individuals and groups who wish to assemble, balanced against teh rights of teh wider community while ensuring the safety of everyone involved."

A police Scotland spokesperson, said: “There is no information or intelligence that would substantiate such a notification to the council."

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said it was looking forward to “a peaceful and successful parade” and to welcoming the supporters who turn out to watch.

A spokesman for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said: “The Grand Master Jim McHarg and Grand Lodge Executive Officers congratulate the County Grand Lodge of Glasgow on reaching the 200thanniversary of Orange parades in Glasgow.

Glasgow Times:

“Jim McHarg stated he looks forward to a peaceful and successful parade as Glasgow’s Orange family celebrate their heritage and culture.

“We look forward to the pageantry, the colour and music and welcome the supporters of the Loyal Orange Institution who turn out to watch and enjoy the spectacle.

“Our message to everyone is keep safe and enjoy your day.”