A GROUP of West End youngsters are hoping to make a big impression on President Joe Biden with a new mural dedicated to the environment.

More than 100 pupils from Hillhead Primary submitted their artwork for consideration after a proposal was launched to brighten up the local area with a piece highlighting the importance of biodiversity.

Planning permission has been submitted to Glasgow City Council to create the design on Gibson Street, across from the school, to allow youngsters to enjoy their masterpiece.

Glasgow Times:

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However, the creative kids are hoping that the work they’ve done will catch the eye of Glasgow’s special visitors – including the US president, the Queen, the Pope, and Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger – when they visit next month.

P7 pupils Leonardo Matassoni and Mariko Twaddle said they were “really excited” at the potential for the international visitors to take notice of the works if it gets the go ahead from the council.

Depute headteacher Karen Barclay said: “It’s lovely for us to be involved in a legacy across from the school, it’s a lovely legacy, and a reminder of the times.

“It will be something that will cheer up the area because it’s certainly a bit of a grim corner.”

The idea was the brainchild of the pupils and parent council alike, however, the upcoming global summit provided the inspiration for the artwork theme.

Rhian Williams, chair of the parent council, said: “We started thinking about it in November, in the middle of the pandemic.

“Our school sits between the river and the road and we wanted to connect that blue space with the green space and grey spaces and so, connect the ideas of what the environment actually is because it’s all rivers and tress but, also, the urban areas where we live.”

The pupils, whom the parent council described as “wildly talented”, have submitted their artwork to famous mural artist Tragic O’Hara who will commission the piece if it’s approved, drawing on inspiration from the youngsters and including some of their work.

Glasgow Times:

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It’s hoped the process of placing the mural on the wall will be carried out during school hours to allow the children the opportunity to be involved and learn from the artwork.

Noy Basu, parent council secretary, added: “It’s got them realising their ideas can be translated into something that can uplift the environment.”

The parents, pupils and the school have their “fingers crossed” permission will come in time for the mural to be created ahead of the COP26 conference in November.