TV presenter Jean Johansson and football pundit Michael Stewart have clashed in a heated debate over racism, cancel culture, and Janey Godley's infamous tweets. 

Johansson last night accused Stewart of "being wrong" during a discussion on a podcast about a string of tweets from the Glasgow comedian. Ms Godley was widely criticised and removed from two advertising campaigns when 'racist' messages came to light earlier this month. 

BBC pundit Stewart appeared on Talk Media to discuss the saga but A Place in the Sun's Johansson - who is married to former Rangers player Jonatan Johansson - critised the show for only featuring "three white guys". 

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Responding to a Tweet, Johansson said: "Three white guys discussing Janey Godley’s racist tweets."

But Stewart hit back writing: "Sorry Jean I didn’t realise we weren’t allowed to partake in the discussion at all, which by the way simply racial. I’d also guess you haven’t even listened before you’ve tweeted that."

Referencing Stewart's comments surrounding a racist incident between Slavia Prague and Rangers last season - when Glen Kamara was called a 'f***ing monkey' - Johansson said: "Where did I say you couldn’t partake? Of course I listened. Much like your handling of the Glen Kamara incident I think you got this wrong. Just my opinion as you are entitled to yours. Maybe try passing the mic to people who are affected by racism next time." 

Stewart replied: "Well I think you’re being disingenuous Jean because we didn’t talk about race so I’m not sure why you’ve brought it up. You’d have known that if you’d listened to it." 


But Johansson replied: "As a Journalist I would never comment unless I’d listened and as a black woman I think the tweets are racist so for me that’s linked to race, for you, obviously not. Please do consider passing the mic next time." 

Stewart said: "Jean you had a go at three white men talking about the racial aspect of the subject, I told you we didn’t talk about racial aspect and you’re still trying to have a go. This illogical. We were looking at the cancel culture as one part was that acceptable?" 


Finally Johansson said: "You seem to be getting irate which is a tactic that’s often used when women of colour speak up. As I calmly pointed out in my reply you are entitled to your opinion. All I ask is that you consider passing the mic, that’s all. Goodnight Michael."