A CREEP terrified two young women after he followed them home in the early hours of the morning whilst saying “there’s two girls” down his phone.

The 22-and-25-year-old were walking from their mum’s home in Govanhill to their own flat nearby when Jaspal Singh appeared beside them at 2.30am on April 29, 2021.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, prosecutor Victoria Keel said: “The women were walking home with their dog. As they walked past Govanhill Park, they noticed the accused begin to follow them.

“He was on his mobile phone and continued to follow them along Langside Road. The women began to walk faster in an attempt to get away from him.

“However, he also upped his pace to keep up with them. They stopped in an attempt to let the accused past, however, he stopped with them, further adding to their fear.”

The pair began to walk away from Singh, 44, but he began shouting at them to stop. They kept walking as they were scared.

Ms Keel added: “At this point, the accused was saying down the phone ‘there’s two girls and a dog’. This panicked the women as they did not know who he was talking to. The accused repeatedly said this.”

Once the women arrived at their home, they tried to shut the common close door quickly to stop Singh from getting in.

However, the court heard that he followed them closely and used his body weight to jam the close door open.

They ran upstairs into their home and shut the door.

The prosecutor said: “The accused followed them up the stairs shouting things the women didn’t understand.

“They phoned the police. Officers were afforded entry into the common close by the women. Once within, they found the accused. He was removed and handcuffed.”

Singh’s defence solicitor explained that his client was under of influence of alcohol at the time of the offence, which Sheriff Diana McConnell described as “very sinister”.

He added: “He accepts he was next to these females. He believed they were frightened of him. He then tried to follow them to say he was sorry. Given his broken English he worsened it. He told me he was just trying to apologise.”

Singh appeared from custody at Glasgow Sheriff Court to be sentenced.

Glasgow Times:

In another incident on December 18 last year, Singh was found to be in the street with a hedge strimmer.

Ms Keel told the court: “At 11.20pm, police were called to attend Edmiston Drive, Ibrox. Officers carried out an area search as there was a report of a man acting suspiciously.

“During the search, there was a further call regarding the same suspect and a description was passed to police. They attended at Ibrox Terrace and observed a man standing outside Whitefield Street with a hedge strimmer in his hand.”

Singh’s lawyer said his client was also under the influence at the time of this offence.

He said: “He was working in Dumbreck doing gardening during the day. He consumed an excessive amount of alcohol whilst at work and thereafter ended up at Ibrox.”

In another incident on May 2, 2021, Singh was banging and knocking on doors on Paisley Road West at 1.30am.

Police were contacted and traced Singh, who was initially speaking to them in English.

When he was asked for his details, he began to speak in a foreign language.

Ms Keel said: “After details were confirmed he was asked to leave the area on several occasions. He began shouting towards officers. He was warned regarding his conduct however continued to shout and failed to desist.

“The accused attempted to grab one of the officer’s thighs. He was informed he was under arrest.”

Singh, who was listed as having no address, also appeared in court in relation to two domestic offences against his former wife, including placing her into a state of fear of alarm by following her, persistently approaching her and turning up at her home uninvited.

The court heard that Singh’s former wife is “terrified” of him and that she had a stroke earlier this year, thought to have been as a result of stress. She now struggles with her speech.

In relation to the incident in which Singh followed the young women, Sheriff Diana McConnell said: “This is extremely serious. You clearly terrified them.

"The fact you were drunk doesn’t excuse your conduct. I’m satisfied there’s no other way of dealing with you other than a custodial sentence.”

In regard to the domestic matters, the sheriff added: “You caused your former wife a considerable amount of stress and fear on a number of occasions. You were persistent in your approaches.”

He was jailed for one year and ordered not to approach or try to communicate with his former wife for a period of two years.