It could be the perfect home for the family with good sea legs who like the thought of a great escape every now and again.

A two-bedroomed houseboat has gone on the market for offers over £165,000 and with the current high demand for outdoor space, it's not likely to stay anchored to the current owners for long.

Nic Green, 39, has lived on Laika for nine years with her partner Peter, 35, and says she'll miss the wildlife and the peace and quiet most. Berthed at Bowling Harbour on the Forth and Clyde Canal, they are part of a small, close-knit community of houseboat owners.

It isn't the first time that the artist couple have opted for something a bit different than your typical bricks and mortar home - they previously lived in an old mill in Ayrshire.

Glasgow Times:

They decided to buy the boat after renting it for a few years from the previous owner, who was also an artist. 

"They weren't sure what to do with it and we said, let us live in it," said Glasgow-born Ms Green who grew up in West Yorkshire and then returned to the city 10 years ago. "It started like that and we ended up buying it.

"We've got everything you would have in a normal house - hot water, heating and a normal boiler and the bonus that it can be moved on water! 

Glasgow Times:

"There's no real reason why we are selling, we just fancied a change. We've been there for almost a decade and we feel if we don't do it now we'll be there for another decade.

Glasgow Times:

"The nicest thing about it is that I've got used to not living on a road. We are surrounded by wildlife, it's so beautiful and the community of it is fabulous - we know all the other owners.

"I think that is something really wonderful about that," said the artist who also volunteers as a birth partner.

She added: "We are at the end of the pontoon so it's really quiet and the people on the towpath are on the other side of the canal so you don't even get that."

There is also the bonus of no council tax to pay although owners must pay a mooring fee of around £213 a month.

The couple love the boat so much that they say it wouldn't be a disaster if it doesn't sell.

Glasgow Times:

"It's a win-win situation really," said the artist. The worst that could happen is that we end up staying for another ten years.

"It's really warm and cosy in winter. We've stayed in it for Christmas the past couple of years and it was really gorgeous and magical. We've got a Christmas tree that lives in a pot nearby and we bring it in.

The owners lived at Rothesey Dock for a while, "which could sometimes be a little rocky" in bad weather but say the canal is so sheltered there is hardly any movement. They hope the next owner will be a bit more adventurous and sail the boat more often than they have.

Glasgow Times:

"We actually don't take it out as much as she deserves and I hope the new owners are more adventurous than us and takes it to places like the Caledonian Canal.

"We are looking forward to meeting the new owners. When we bought it, we knew the owner and they have helped us with so many things and we will be on hand to answer any questions."

Glasgow Times:

The couple have a three-year-old son Skye and say it's common for people to wonder how they keep a toddler safe on a houseboat.

"People do say that and obviously there is some due diligence there," said the artist.

"I also think lots of people live on busy roads and you wouldn't let a child run out. You just make sure you have eyes on them all the time. He loves the wildlife - it's all he's ever known."

The couple don't know where their next home will be but say they are open to "something interesting".

The houseboat is being marketed by Clyde Property.