THROUGH your page may I say a big thank you to the people of Glasgow who came to my aid when I had an accident on 2nd of September.

On holiday in Scotland I went to see around your Cathedral and, on leaving, I tripped over the cobbles on the slope opposite John Knox Street. I was on my own, suffered two black eyes, broke the left eye socket bone and suffered numerous cuts and bruises.

The people were lovely. They came to my aid. I do not know what I would have done otherwise, as a 72 year old woman in a strange city. I would especially like to thank a chap called Alex who, I believe, lived near the Cathedral, who helped me back to my car and made sure I was OK.

The hospital staff were superb. The nurses and the doctors could not have been kinder, they took a head X-ray which showed the broken bone but it was the way they did it - with kindness and understanding - that I shall always remember. I now look almost normal again, just awaiting an operation on the left eye socket.

Thank you, Glaswegians are lovely considerate people, I shall always speak highly of you.


Nicola Sturgeon does not want to follow the UKs decision regarding lateral flow tests when you return from abroad and tells us we will still have to take a pcr test.

Fair enough let us take a pcr test but reduce the price down to the price of a lateral flow test, as you already ripped us off enough with the prices charged.

Ann Via - email

The government that was elected to run our public services has failed the electorate and their promise to make the NHS the best in modern times.

The first minister and her cronies have failed to deliver and sunk them into a dark hole and now all in ruins because of their inept leadership of running our country and NHS.

We now have loved ones dying waiting to be seen and being stripped of their dignity in the back of an ambulance in a hospital car park with no access to a toilet or medical treatment for hours on ends. Duty of care out the window.

If you left an animal like that, you would be done for cruelty and we are supposed to be civilized.

Draconian times before our eyes unfolding.

This is not a slant on the staff nurses drivers doctors but the hierarchy of the NHS and the first minister’s department of ministers. Clueless.

So why not let the army personnel run not only the health service but the parliament and resignations and start with the first minister Nichola Sturgeon then Humza Yousaf?

With no big pension or payoff for failure.

But these folk can strip our loved ones of their dignity and keep their job. No morals and shameless.

Resign now. Like a circus the clowns are in charge but no one is laughing and restore faith in our once proud NHS. OR is this the way THROUGH back door to breaking up and privatising the NHS and using the patients as pawns?

Just a thought.

Stephen Johnstone

I was shocked to read Saturday’s front page story about a man brandishing a knife at police.

Not only that, but he threatened to stab them!

What has happened to our once glorious city?

Jean Martin