Scottish social media was full of wannabe Glasgow Taxi drivers at the weekend – and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Me and my fellow drivers have long been proud of the fact we are armed with The Knowledge, an encyclopedic and essential mental memory of Glasgow’s streets.

It remains the acid test to pass and prove you have what it takes to drive a black cab in the city.

Now, after Sunday night, I know there is a whole new wave of Glasgow taxi driver candidates lurking.

You see, it came to my attention when the latest episode of Vigil was on, last Sunday evening.

(SPOILER ALERT: Don’t worry, in truth this article will give very little away if you haven’t seen it yet.)

I wasn’t watching on Sunday at 9pm like so many of you - I was going to catch up later, but during the hour of the show I started seeing comments on social media and messages in group chats.

Thankfully, these didn’t give the plot away but did highlight some mistakes that had been made when filming movements in and around Glasgow. Namely …

DS Kirsten Longacre driving over the Kingston Bridge on her way to Braehead … only she was crossing the bridge Northbound!

Unbelievable Jeff! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people I’ve read comments from flagging this up, the things people care about eh.

Then the journey showed her on her way to Braehead Arena only for her to appear to park up outside the shopping centre.

I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t be thanked for that!!

All this after, earlier in the series, DS Longacre achieved mission impossible while in Glasgow – successfully making a mobile phone call while in the bowels of the Clyde Tunnel.

Ha ha ha. Nice try. You can’t pull the wool over a Weegie’s eyes.

All good fun and shows just how proud Glaswegians are of their home city landmarks.

It reminds me of the time in the 90s we were on holiday on the west coast of France, had just arrived and sat down in a quaint café.

I looked up, spotted a TV and the first thing I saw on it was … Firhill Stadium. I was speechless.

Glasgow Times: The Braehead ArenaThe Braehead Arena

Turned out it was a repeat of Taggart with subtitles on, who knew the French were such big Mark McManus fans?

Every day’s a school day … a taxi school day if you fancy becoming a driver!

Stay safe.