Movie giant Warner Bros is looking to bring a money spinning production of an entire film to Glasgow, the biggest ever in the city.

Following from the filming of the next Indiana Jones movie in the city this summer, it cements Glasgow’s reputation as a film city.

Warner Bros has applied to the council to support the costs of filming activity in Glasgow and establishing an office base in the city for the duration of the filming.

Glasgow Times:

Susan Aitken leader of Glasgow City Council said: “This production would be by some way the largest of its kind in the city’s history.”

Warner Bros has filmed scenes for  movies like Batman and the Flash in city centre locations recently attracting movie fans out on the streets to catch a glimpse of filming.

Glasgow Times:

In a report to councillors, she said: “This presents a market-capture moment for the city following significant success over the last ten months.

“While these projects only filmed limited scenes, the experience of Warner Bros. on The Flash and Batman has been so positive that they have now brought a new project to the city, which would see almost the entire film produced in Glasgow.

“Providing funding to this production will allow Glasgow to capitalise on the city’s growing reputation as a recognised production centre.”

She said the recent productions in the city were London-based projects that chose Glasgow for its locations and its ease of securing on street filming.

She added: “Despite this, filming has never taken place for more than two consecutive weeks, and the city has yet to secure a production of scale wholly based in the city.”

Councillors are being asked to approve a Filming Incentive Grant. of £150,000 to Warner Bros to support office set up costs.

The money that would be spent in the city during filming is believed to run into several millions of pounds.

The report said the British Film Institute estimates that feature film projects in the £60m to £100m budget level have an average daily spend of more than £750,000.

And for projects with a £100m plus budget, this increases to £1m plus per day.

Glasgow is looking to cash in on the huge appeal and demand for content from newer tv platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

Aitken added: “Basing the production in the city will not only create hundreds of jobs, but significantly increase the possibility of future projects of a similar scale being commissioned in the city.

“The Warner Bros. portfolio includes the DC Universe catalogue, with the city already providing the ideal location for producing these types of movies.

“There is, therefore, a reasonable expectation that Glasgow can benefit further through the city’s relationship with the company.”