HE'S the TikTok star and Glasgow funnyman who's built up a huge following thanks to his deep-fried creations. 

But tonight Dazza wowed audiences and shocked guests during an appearance on Come Dine With Me. 

The social media star - who has racked up millions of views by deep-frying anything from Pot Noodles to cat food - served a specially crafted menu, which featured lasagne, Caviar and a chocolate bar. 

Oh, and you guessed it, all of the courses were deep-fried! 


Beginning with chicken and Caviar, Dazza promised to give his Glasgow dinner guests - who also included a nail technician and psychic - a "proper culinary experience" as he joked about splashing "60 whole pounds" on the starter. 

He later said: "See if they don't appreciate it, I'll be asking them for a tenner each." 

Speaking ahead of his meal, he said: "This house, in all the years it's been built, has never has seen so much oil. I can't wait.

"I am going to give them a proper culinary experience they have never experienced. Their tastebuds are going to be woken up."

But what did his guests - who had joked before that there better be an "ambulance on standby" - think of it? 

Glasgow Times: Dazza served up a deep-fried lasagne Dazza served up a deep-fried lasagne

"They were absolutely disgusting," one said. "I actually nearly drank all of my juice just to get them down."

Another shook her head during the meal and said: "Darren... sorry. I won't eat that." 

Undeterred, Dazza - whose real name is Darren Dowling - asked his guest to try the Caviar and she gave it a thumbs up. 

Moving onto the main - a deep-fried lasagne - and the reaction was similarly mixed. 

"It could be worse," said one. "I actually don't mind it." 

But another simply said: "Why?" 

"That's really nice you went to the effort to make a lasagne," said another. "It would have been better if you didn't deep-fry it for a dinner party." 

However, things took a turn when one guest gave up on the meal, with others saying "that wasn't needed". 

When alone later, Dazza said: "If you don't like the food, that's cool. There's no need to be rude." 

"I wanted to convert these people into believers in deep-fried food," he said. "But it just hasn't gone well." 

Despite the food, guests were quick to praise Dazza for his energy and the fun they were all having during the dinner. 

Dazza scored 14, placing him bottom of the table. 

The Channel Four show sees four contestants cook and host a dinner party over four nights, before rating each others cooking and entertainment efforts. The winner will walk away with a £1000 grand prize.