PUPILS who identify as transgender are choosing to attend a Glasgow school because of its successful work supporting LGBT young people.

A focused effort in recent years to ensure LGBT pupils are nurtured and accepted in city schools has led to a number being recognised with the LGBT Charter Award.

In feedback about earning the award, one said it was known in its local area as being supportive of trans pupils and has seen a rise in young people who feel safe to come out at school.

Schools across the city have earned bronze, silver and gold awards from LGBT Youth Scotland.

Councillor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, said: “We are delighted for the Glasgow schools who have been recognised by LGBT Youth Scotland for their equalities work and our schools work very hard to make sure that respect and mutual understanding for all is taught across the curriculum.

“A number of bespoke initiatives are being used across the city and actively encourage young people to use their pupil voice to empower them and help make a difference in tackling prejudices.

“This includes working closely with TIE, which launched its bespoke curriculum resources last week to support teachers and schools to implement LGBT Inclusive Education, taking a proactive approach to challenging prejudice and bullying."

Schools were asked to provide feedback on their experience of becoming more LGBT inclusive.

One teacher wrote: "We have trans pupils who are attending the school as we are known in the area as LGBT inclusive.

"We have also seen a rise of pupils who have 'come out' at school.

"There has been a huge change in the attitude of the staff who are keen to get involved and include subject specific content in their curriculum/subject areas.

"Our library is bulging with books and every new policy is looked at with the Equality Act 2010 and our Charter in mind."

Another school said it aims to become a "centre for excellence" for LGBT education.

A teacher said: "Each pride month we have tasked the school to get a further two to three subject areas to create resources.

"Hopefully, in the next two years every department will have resources.

"Each department has been tasked to create and display their LGBT inclusivity.

"Ultimately, we would like to be a centre of excellence in LGBT education and will welcome supporting other schools who wish to start the journey."

And another teacher from a third school said: "There is greater visibility of LGBT identities around the school.

"Some pupils are more confident in expressing themselves, even if it is wearing a badge, or make-up, they feel this school is an inclusive environment where they will not be challenged by staff or bullied by others.

"We would argue that pupils also know that staff will challenge HBT-phobic bullying."

A new document dubbed the Framework for a School's Equality Policy has been issued to all schools and must be added to school improvement plans for completion.

The English as Additional Language (EAL) service is also looking at equalities work.

Whitehill Secondary was among the first to see the TIE campaign's new resources released last week to schools across Scotland and pupils reported being excited and enthusiastic about the resources, which are for both primary and secondary level.

Chris added: "Pupils at Whitehill Secondary got the opportunity to work with charity staff to review the resources and we are organising Spotlight webinars with our schools and staff to support the launch the TIE website, resources and training and will be regularly linking with TIE to discuss the promotion of these.

"In addition, for the past six years our Education Equality Working group, which is made up or representative from school and partners, has supported taking forward LGBT inclusive schools.

"This has been partly through the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter programme but also through our own Top Ten Tips for schools on our website which were developed in collaboration with young people, our Pride Lite support event, equality volunteers training support to schools and regular equalities updates to leaders.”