SOME drivers think the zig-zags outside schools are there for their own use (Glasgow’s council is looking for new ways to enforce car-free zones, Monday).

Yeh, really.

Frances McCartney Via Facebook

PARENTS don’t care where they stop their car, as long as it’s right outside the school.

In Bishopbriggs, the selfish parents of pupils who attend St Helen’s Primary and Bishopbriggs Academy recklessly drive outside the schools and abandon their cars in a private housing estate every day. The whole street is packed with parents double-parking. It’s chaos.

They regularly narrowly miss hitting children walking along the council-adopted road and reverse out of private spaces without even looking.

When challenged, council bosses have refused to do anything about it as there are no double yellow lines in the recently council-adopted road.

They won’t allow community parking wardens to attend to sort out the issue.

So, these selfish, ignorant parents are free to damage private property, run over parking bollards and verbally abuse and threaten residents. It’s an absolute disgrace.

Jen Freeman - Via email

EH, naw! You cannot say it’s working when we’ve dropped 11 points in seven games, it’s just insulting (Anthony Ralston: ‘Angeball’ is working – the results will come for Celtic, Glasgow Times online).

It might be working for Anthony Ralston, he’s back in the team after all.

Injuries are definitely a problem but with Celtic’s money we should have adequate cover. The sheer farcical way the club has been run recently is firmly to blame.

James Brown - Posted online

THAT £6 million should be given to pensioners who have the choice of eat or heat not to wealthy people (Energy fund for Glasgow homes to help lower fuel bills, Monday).

The SNP’s priorities are nonsensical.

Emma Johnstone - Posted online

ANY sign of the M8 onramp at Charing Cross reopening?

Any chance of it opening this year?

Next year? What a joke. How long does it take to strengthen a bridge? Are they rebuilding it?

Driving in and out of the city centre is just a farce now.

Dan Lewis - Posted online