Actor Peter Capaldi will release his debut album in November. In an illustrious screen career, the Springburn born star has played the twelfth incarnation of Dr Who, Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, Uncle Rory in The Crow Road and, more recently, The Thinker in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

What is less well known is that he started his performing career in music. While studying at the Art School, he put together a band, and enjoyed a small part of the thriving music scene of 1980s Glasgow. While his life went in a different direction, Peter retained his love of music and has recorded a ten track release, St Christopher.

In 2019, his friend Dr Robert of the Blow Monkeys band invited him to a recording session. “Watching the musicians work, something drove me to scribble out a song, just for the chance of having them play it, and when they did, I knew immediately this was something I wanted to do again. So, I set about it.”

Glasgow Times:

They were all set to step into a studio to record with a group of musicians when lockdown forced a rethink. “We had demos, computers, Robert’s address book, and a very clear diary so, through the magic of modern technology, we sent the tracks back and forth until finally, with the help of some brilliant musicians, we found ourselves with something that very much appeared to be an album.”

You can hear echoes of Glasgow in the songs, synths and guitars from an art school past, coffees in Nico’s and family parties growing up in the 60s. “Whether in the end these songs work is for others to judge. But the chance to try them out, with such skilled musical support, has been a wonderful experience. In some ways absolutely new, but in others... well in a way I feel I’m just picking up where I left off.”

Glasgow Times:

“I’ve not set out to be a pop star. There’s already one Capaldi in that game and he’s fantastic. This was just a chance to be creative in a different way and tell some stories in music.”

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