The kitchen at McChuills Bar is now home to Martesitas, serving Mexican food with a Tex-Mex influence.

You’ll find corndogs – hot dogs fried in sweer cornbread, served on a stick with sauce – jalapeno poppers, coconut shrimp tacos, pulled pork chimichangas and dessert taquitos.

Marc Frossman, who set up the venture with friend Emma, says: “Simply, the concept is our tagline - tacos & good times.

The name ‘Martesitas’ translates to ‘little Tuesdays’ but it is a concept Emma came across in Monterrey, where friends get together during the week to catch up. The vibe is built around that idea.”

They are looking at working with other local independent businesses and writing a great cocktail menu. “It’s a blend of Mexican and nostalgic Americana and we want the menu to alway be unique, casual, and fun.

Emma has friends across Mexico and has travelled all over, so she has real, authentic insight into what our menu should be like. We have specials on every week, which gives us a chance to experiment and keep our offering fresh.”