WATCHING highlights of European football and all the matches showed that the majority of fans wearing face coverings.

Here in Scotland hardly any face coverings are to be seen at any football match. We just don’t get it, do we?

MA - Glasgow

JUST a point, if we can have 40-50,000 people attending football matches and thousands going to festivals, folk on public transport without masks, why can’t we get an appointment with our GP or dentist?

Patients need face-to-face appointments and not being made to feel that they are a nuisance for expecting that.

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IT was striking to note Jackie Baillie MSP, Scottish Labour’s deputy leader, claim that Labour cannot return to power at Westminster without a revival in Scotland.

Since the General Election of 1945, there have been only two elections where the return of Labour MPs in Scotland has been essential to the return of a Labour Government.

In the 1964 General Election, Harold Wilson became Prime Minister after defeating Conservative Alec Douglas-Hume, securing an overall majority of 4, and in February 1974 he defeated incumbent Prime Minister, Ted Heath, by a mere four seats.

Alex Orr - Via email

FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon forgot to mention that other shortage – homes (Nicola Sturgeon column: No-one should ever have to choose between eating and heating, Wednesday).

Thousands homeless in Glasgow. First Minister continues to ask Westminster to send more refugees up to Glasgow, and Scotland. The latest request is to send Afghans here.

Why bring more homeless people to Scotland to give them homes when we haven’t homes for our own homeless?

Westminster isn’t responsible for sending the new homeless, First Minister is, and she can end it.

Andrew Jamieson - Posted online