WARNER Bros will get a £150,000 grant to shoot a major feature film in Glasgow, after the council agreed to incentivise the production – the first of its kind to take place in the city. 

Scenes from The Flash, Batman and Indiana Jones were recently filmed in the city centre, but this film would see the movie giant set up a base for the duration of filming.

It means around 200-300 crew will be employed daily on Glasgow's streets with peak scenes seeing as many as 1000 people involved. 

Council leader Susan Aitken said: “While it’s great fun for a lot of people to see film and broadcasting productions in Glasgow, this is very much an economic story — production of this size brings millions of pounds to the city’s economy.

“What is significant about this is that it allows the entire production to be made in Glasgow — a first for the city — and confirms our place as a location of choice for major productions, and one that can compete with others in the UK and abroad.


“During this time of economic recovery and renewal, this economic activity is both welcome and important.”

A funding application was received by film giant Warner Bros to support the cost of filming in Glasgow, and towards establishing an office base in the city during the shoot.

Providing opportunities for Glasgow residents and production firms is a condition of the grant, and options to develop traineeships and work placements will be explored.

A council report stated its ambition “to continue growing its reputation as a major film and TV hub in the UK”.

Glasgow Times: Indiana Jones 5 was recently filmed in the city Indiana Jones 5 was recently filmed in the city

“The film and high-end television sector in Scotland has experienced an unprecedented boom in 2021. This is in part due to projects looking to film in the relatively safe and secure environment that the UK, and Scotland, provides.

“It is also in part due to the huge increase in demand for content driven by the success of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, as well as a host of other global platforms.”

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Recent productions in the city employed hundreds of crew and performers from Scotland, providing “much needed training opportunities, as well as creating a vibrant supplier base”.

“Tens of millions of pounds have been added into the Scottish economy as a direct result of these productions.”

The council also reports major film and broadcast productions have brought over £350million to the city’s economy since the late 1990s.