AS someone who lived through the Second World War, I have found the very recent crisis caused by the shortage of HGV drivers to be bewildering.

The main reason for this situation is put down to the UK leaving the EU.

Well the photo you showed in Wednesday’s paper, of British WOMEN working in the shipyards doing ‘men’s’ work during World War 2, provided me with the perfect response to those opposed to Brexit.

There was NO way that the UK depended on EU citizens to keep Britain’s industries going during the War. The women filled the gap in their many thousands. I remember one song, “Rosie the Riveter”.

What happened when we were members of the EU was that employers, encouraged by the UK political parties, including the SNP, scrapped the training of our own citizens, for skilled work. The cry was, “We need EU workers”. No mention that this would have a detrimental effect on future generations of young UK citizens.

The SNP wants an independent Scotland, to be a member state of the EU. If this happens, younger Scottish generations can say goodbye to a future in any industry where it is cheaper to import EU workers.

Funny old world. My generation had to do National Service, some losing their life, to save the Europeans from a Russian invasion. I served behind the Iron Curtain. We aren’t the only ones.

Some non-European NATO countries, now have to beg to get trading agreements with the EU. Guess who the EU will rely on if Russia comes calling again?

Daniel Harris - Via email

WHO thought this was a good idea to give free travel up to the age of 22?

Who is ultimately paying for this? The money could have been better spent on worthwhile projects, not giving freebies away.

There is enough being taken out of free travel on buses. Are there restrictions going to be put in place, i.e 7.30am-10am and 2.30pm-5pm, Monday-Friday and at weekends 10am-6pm.

Will people be able to get a seat on the bus, as they will think, yes I can travel on a bus anywhere.

They should put the bus pass for over-60s up to 65 and under this age, charge 50p a journey.

This is a bad move by the SNP and other groups.

Yes, before the do-gooders step in, if you start working when you leave school, pay your way as it’s the 23-59 age group that is paying for this – we don’t get freebies.

D Lamb - Motherwell