Liam Gallagher has revealed he has dedicated a song on the new album C’mon You Know to his brother Noel.

The former Oasis frontman revealed he will be returning to the site of the iconic 1996 Oasis gigs at Knebworth in June while announcing the new album.

Announcing his new album, ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’, the former Oasis front man also confirmed he would be playing a special Knebworth Park show on June 4.

He will be supported by Kasabian, Michael Kiwanuka, Fat White Family and Goat Girl.

While the new was announced, Liam appeared alongside Chris Moyles on Radio X to talk about the new album.

He said: “Right there's a new one called, this next single is going to be called ‘Better Days’ and it's full of sunshine.

“And then there's another one ‘I Wish I Had More Power’ and it's dedicated to Noel. Yeah, it's a naughty little tune, but it's lovely.”

Liam Gallagher opens up on ‘act of God’

Liam Gallagher recently fell out of a helicopter and joked about the incident.

“You know when I fell out the helicopter the other day, I said it was an act of God. There are so many things that are coming back to me,” he said.

“It was an act of God! My nose has come back bigger and better!”

Chris Moyles replied: “I mean the amount that you have done rock ‘n’ roll-wise and party-wise and then you injure yourself by falling out of a helicopter, it's not right though is it?”

Liam said: “I know. What a way to go, if it would have been.

“Tell you what, I wouldn’t have minded going that way. It’s better than slipping on a chopstick innit?

“Banging your head on the TV, remote control and all that, that’s a crap way to go innit? Falling out of a helicopter is alright. I’d have bought that. If that was written in the stars, I’d have had that.”



Liam Gallagher on returning to Knebworth

Liam Gallagher described his return to Knebworth as “history part two”.

He said: “I am excited. I mean I've done it before and it was mega. And the beautiful thing about it is – obviously I can’t remember much of it - but I get the chance to do it again.

“And obviously I'm older and a little bit wiser and I'm going to milk it, you know what I mean?

“I'm going to really take it in. I’m buzzing man. It’s like I said, it's now or never, know what I mean? If I don't do it now, I'll never do it.”

He added: “We're not messing about Chris. This is it, the time is nigh. It's like we've had a terrible couple of years, everyone and all that.

“I’ve got a new album going to be coming out and I'm just going to try and pull it off, you know what I mean?

“I feel I can deliver it on my own, obviously with the band and that. I just think it’s going to go off mate.”

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