As the days grow shorter and an Autumn chill sets in, we’re glad to be invited to visit the re-launched Little Curry House on Byres road.

Even from across the street there’s something about the brightly lit restaurant that exudes friendliness and warmth.

This is the first time that guests will be sitting down for a meal in the popular West End restaurant after a long 18 months of closure thanks to lockdowns and a total refitting.  

Knowing this, there’s a real buzz amongst the hungry diners who begin to gather outside.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: the Little Curry House is back after 18 monthsPictured: the Little Curry House is back after 18 months

Our very first impression as we’re welcomed into the Little Curry House from the cold? Little is right.

This tiny space is set over two floors, with a small number of booths and stools downstairs and a secluded seating area upstairs.

They use their size to their advantage going for a cosy vibe which really does make use of every corner.

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We walk past a compact kitchen full of activity and lively chatter. As we wait to be shown to our table we’re distracted by the vibrant colours and smells coming from a multitude of different dishes that start to line up on the pass.

Already we know this is going to be good.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Corner booths make the most of the downstairs spacePictured: Corner booths make the most of the downstairs space

Sitting in the upstairs level of the restaurant gives us the full effect of just how much work has gone into the £150k refurb.

Gone is the darker colour scheme and wooden chairs in favour of whites, blues and golds.

It’s bright, snug and seems wonderfully tucked away from the world outside.

Hearing the hustle and bustle of the kitchen downstairs feels almost like we've been invited into a friend’s house for dinner.

Glasgow Times:

We initially worried that we might be a little too close to our neighbouring tables in the tightly packed space, but this only added to the relaxed feeling throughout the night as we eagerly compared which dishes our fellow diners had chosen.

The night kicked off with the arrival of some traditional Indian snacks in the form of Gol Gappa.

They turned out to be a fun bit of pre-dinner theatre that packed a flavourful punch.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Gol Gappa is to be eaten in one bitePictured: Gol Gappa is to be eaten in one bite

We’re told by Jas Singh, who has just taken the reins of the family restaurant, that traditionally you should crack a hole in the deep-fried case, spoon in the mixture of chickpeas, potato and onion inside and then drizzle the spiced sauce inside.

‘You have to eat it in one go, otherwise it will go everywhere’ he warns us.

We appreciate the instructions, although there’s not much that could have held us back from devouring these crunchy little bites in one go, mess or no mess.

It’s great to see Jas so confident in his new role at the helm of the restaurant as he chats enthusiastically to guests about what’s new.

As far as the revamped menu is concerned? His confidence is well placed.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: The new menu is the perfect sizePictured: The new menu is the perfect size

It’s large enough to offer an impressive amount of choice without being overcomplicated, while the tapas style servings are the perfect way to try a selection of different curries and sides without worrying about overordering.

Call it a controversial opinion, but this mix and match set up feels like the perfect way to enjoy Indian food.

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Our close proximity to other diners came in handy as we eagerly gauged their reactions towards each dish that arrived.

The butter chicken was a popular choice with almost every table singing its praise as they tucked in.

As we waited for our own mini feast to arrive a friend commented “It’s all gone really quiet, I think that’s a sign that the food is good.’ She wasn’t wrong.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Tapas style curriesPictured: Tapas style curries

There was no faulting any of the four curries that we ordered to share as suggested by our server.

Creamy and rich Aloo Saag, perfectly spiced Aloo Gobi with green beans and the star of the show a simple Chana Aloo to be scooped up with wholesome roti.

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It’s hard to fathom how these talented chefs can pack so much flavour into a humble portion of chickpeas but, trust us, they do. It’s warm, comforting and enough to keep us coming back for more, no matter how many times we told ourselves that we were full.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: A selection of curries and warm rotiPictured: A selection of curries and warm roti

Sides and sundries can make or break an Indian meal so we’re glad to report that the Spicy Potato Fritters arrived fluffy and golden alongside a perfectly sized portion of rice studded with fresh lemon and cashew.

If you’re debating whether you really need to order the poppadom’s and spiced onions? Of course, you do. Next question please.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Don't skip the popadoms and spiced onionsPictured: Don't skip the popadoms and spiced onions

It’s a massively successful launch night for the Little Curry House ahead of their opening weekend as every single guest heads back down the stairs with a smile on their face.

The skills amassed over generations in some of Glasgow’s most prestigious Indian restaurants and an undeniable passion for good food clearly run deep in this family.

We can’t wait for our next visit.

For more information on the Little Curry House click here.