WHEN the pandemic struck the UK the Government moved to protect jobs as we went into lockdown by providing employees with 80% of their salary (those who couldn’t work from home).

They also provided extra financial help to those on Universal Credit. Both of those were temporary measures and stated as such at the outset, so why the huge outcry now that these benefits have stopped?

As a pensioner on the state pension only and no extra benefits, why were people like myself left to get by on our pension? We were not offered any additional funding during the pandemic.

We have been, as is always the case, brushed aside as people who don’t matter anymore. Remember that UK pensioners are the lowest paid in the western world.

Confused pensioner - Paisley

THE article in Thursday’s Times about how it is almost impossible to get a taxi in Glasgow was spot on, I own and run a pub in the city and getting taxis for customers and for staff to get home is important to us.

If this situation is not sorted out the city centre will once again be a ghost town and many businesses who are trying to get back on their feet will not survive.

Billy Gold – Hielan Jessie Bar Glasgow

THIS is in reply to MA in Saturday’s Times highlighting First Bus flouting the law regarding the wearing of face masks.

Since the pandemic started last year I have sent emails to Nicola Sturgeon’s office, my MP and MSP, and also my local councillor, who are all members of the SNP party. And I am still awaiting a satisfactory reply from any of them.

William McCarron - Glasgow

I READ the article by Lauren Gilmour in Thursday’s Evening Times with bemusement.

Apparently Glasgow City Council is going to try and track down the people who are fly-tipping around the city.

I can give them a name for a start – Glasgow City Council themselves!

I’ve been complaining about six edging slabs which have been left by the council following alterations to the bus stop outside Monteith House on the south west corner of George Square within sight of the City Chambers! They’re still there and were bought using taxpayers’ money. So stop moaning GCC and get your own house in order first!

Alastair Stirling - Glasgow