A new People Make Glasgow landmark has appeared in the city.

The covered bridge over the Clydeside Expressway to the SEC, known to many as the ‘smartie tube’, has been given a makeover ahead of the United Nations COP 26 summit next month.

The walk and cycleway has been covered in the distinctive bright pink and white People Make Glasgow slogan.

It will be seen by the thousands of delegates and a number of world leaders as they head to the conference, which starts on November 1 and runs for two weeks.

American President, Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the Queen and Pope Francis are just a few of the leaders and heads of state who will be visiting Glasgow for the conference.

Tens of thousands of delegates from business, environmental organisations as well as campaigners and protesters and international media will all be in the city.

The SEC walkway over the expressway is visible to thousands of people travelling along the road and the city slogan will be seen by people from all over the world.

During the Commonwealth Games in 2014 the old Glasgow College of Building and Printing became a famous city landmark as it was wrapped in a giant People Make Glasgow poster.

It could be seen from all over the city towering above George Square.