Can we expect SNP First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Conservative leader to go on a walkabout together on the streets of Glasgow in a contest to prove who is most in touch with working class people?

Sturgeon challenged the Tory leader to come and visit some working class areas after he said the Tories were the party of working class unionists in a speech during the Conservative Party Conference.

The two leaders then got embroiled in a war of words over who was most in tune with working class people and challenges and counter challenges were thrown down.

Ross had said: "We are the party of working-class unionists in Scotland now because we represent their values."

Glasgow Times:

Since the 2014 referendum, in Glasgow the Tories doubled their MSPs from one to two in 2016 and they retained both at the election earlier this year.

They also increased their number of councillors in the city from just one in 2012 to eight in 2017.

However, Sturgeon launched an attack on the Tory leader and his party over the cuts to Universal Credit.

The SNP holds every constituency at Holyrood and Westminster in Glasgow and has contol of the city council

Sturgeon said: "I've just been re-elected as First Minister with a historically high share of the vote including in working class communities across Scotland, so perhaps let the facts and the reality speak for themselves.

"The shame of these Tories - they are about to take food out of the mouths of children in working class communities the length and breadth of Scotland, including in Douglas Ross's own constituency, and they have the nerve to make comments like this.”

She issued her challenge to Ross to visit with her and face people in working class communities.

Glasgow Times:

Sturgeon added: "Maybe Douglas Ross would like to come with me and I'll introduce him to some working class communities across the country and then he'll see who's in touch with them and who is horribly out touch with them, because the Tories, like him, are doing them so much damage every day right now."

 The Tory leader hit back by saying he would take up the offer, if it was somewhere which has been hit hard by record drug deaths and he suggested Glasgow Southside, the First Minister's constituency.

He said: “Name the time and place. I’ll go with Nicola Sturgeon to one of the working class communities devastated by the drug death crisis that has spiralled out of control on her watch.

“We could start with her own constituency, where she let a rehab centre close in 2019. 

“Nicola Sturgeon took her eye off the ball on the national shame of drug deaths and abandoned working class communities. 

“Thousands of families lost loved ones because the SNP slashed rehab beds, which the Scottish Conservatives campaigned successfully to restore.

He added: “I’m proud of my working class background and I’d never abandon the communities I grew up in the way that Nicola Sturgeon is doing.”