DANIEL Harris, obviously a Brexiteer, states in his letter on October 1 that he lived through the Second World War and is bewildered by the recent crisis caused by the shortage of HGV drivers.

He states correctly the main reason for the crisis is down to the UK leaving the EU.

He states the photo in the Glasgow Times on September 29, of women working in the shipyards doing men’s work during the Second World War, provided him with the perfect response to those opposed to Brexit.

Daniel omits to state that these women and those involved in other essential war work were working a 72-hour week.

He states that there was no way that the UK depended on EU citizens to keep Britain’s industries going during the war. Daniel fails to note that by the end of 1940, most of Europe was under Nazi occupation.

He states at that time his generation had to do National Service to save Europe from the Russian invasion.

Other than the Cold War in 1947, the only war that Britain was involved in with Russia was the Crimean War in 1853 to 1856.

I am confused with Daniel’s comment “guess who the EU will rely on if Russia comes calling again”.

Daniel, like Boris Johnson, is still under the impression that the UK is still a world power.


THE racist abuse against Rangers’ player Glen Kamara in Prague was disgusting.

However, the faux outrage in certain quarters matches the silence about the abuse directed towards Celtic’s Japanese player Kyogo Furuhashi just several weeks ago.



As Extinction Rebellion “warned” of disruption during Glasgow’s COP26, readers were not impressed. Here’s a selection...

APPARENTLY they do this to “raise awareness”.

There’s a massive convention taking place that includes tribes that only made contact with the outside world a few years ago – how much more aware can we be?

Gareth O’Neill

GLASWEGIANS ain’t as tolerant as Londoners, they will get dragged and flung to the side.

John Berwick

WHY would they disrupt this when it’s to discuss the issues they apparently feel so strongly about?

Jay Ess Are