Nicola Sturgeon said the problems with the covid passport app have been sorted.

The First Minister said it was not a problem with the app but instead with the NHS systems the app linked into.

She said: “It didn’t work as we intended it to do.

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“It’s deeply regrettable but action was taken to resolve it. The issue was the linkage with the app and the NHS systems.”

Sturgeon said: “An error meant the information wasn’t being sent quickly enough from the NHS systems to the app. Improvements were made on Friday evening.”

She added: “Covid certification remains, in the Scottish Government’s view, a way of increasing vaccine uptake and keeping large events and hospitality operational over a challenging winter.”

Douglas Ross, Conservative leader said it was “embarrassing”.

He added: “It's an utter shambles from day one, instantly a disaster.”

Anas Sarwar, Labour leader, said those left to implement it said it was a “complete shambles”.

He said it was a “predictable disaster” rushed out at the last minute and it crashed a minute later.

He said there was also an equality issue.

Sarwar added: “Many people don’t have a driving licence and 20% don’t have a passport.

He said the government needs to “change or ditch” the scheme.

The First Minister said that covid cases were falling.

The latest statistics showed another 2056 new positive cases. There were 998 people in hospital on Monday with Covid, down 3 and there were 65 patients in intensive care, down 2.

There were another 21 deaths registered on Monday.

She said while cases were falling they remained high so while there would be no need for tightening restrictions there was a need to continue with current restrictions like face coverings on public transport and in shops.