The decision to leave the EU was fully supported by the right wing press. 
However they are now singing from a different songbook, which is now predicting a winter of discontent. 

The latter was the phrase used by the right wing press, that helped to bring down the Labour Government in 1979 and the resignation of the PM James Callaghan. 
This enabled the Tories, as the main opposition party to form a government under the leadership of the late Maggie Thatcher, whose legacy goes before her, for all the wrong reasons. The current crisis is much more serious than the alleged winter of discontent of 1979 under the Labour Party, as it is a direct threat to our daily lives and wellbeing. 
Even the most hardline Tories will now realise that Brexit was a step too far for Boris Johnson and his government.

I have no doubt that if the same right wing press were to undertake a Straw Pole in the current circumstances, many of the people who voted for Brexit would now change their vote.

A RELATIVE who was admitted to a major Glasgow hospital recently said the food was absolutely disgusting and she was unable to eat it. 
I was under the impression that this area of long term concern was being addressed. Looks like I was wrong. Surely patients need good, healthy and nutritious food as part of their recovery programme?

I READ with great interest that Pope Francis had met with other religious leaders ahead of coming to Glasgow. 
While not a Catholic myself, I have a great respect for the Pontiff and look forward to welcoming him to our city. 
I just hope he can persuade others to take action. 
Michael Bond