Pope Francis has said the COP 26 summit in Glasgow is a chance to address a “crisis of values”.

The Pope will be in Glasgow for the meeting with other heads of state and world leaders including US President Joe Biden and the Queen.

Leaders of governments around the world will be in Glasgow as the UN attempts to address climate change and reach agreement on action to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.

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The Pope said it the chance to come up with a plan to the “ecological” crisis but he also said that there is a need for “spiritual closeness” to deal with what he said was a “crisis of values”.

Francis tweeted the message about his hopes for the gathering in Glasgow to his 18 million twitter followers.

He said: “COP 26 in Glasgow is called to provide effective responses to the unprecedented ecological crisis and the crisis of values we are presently experiencing, and in this way to offer concrete hope to future generations.

“Let us accompany it with our spiritual closeness.”

The Catholic Church in Scotland has said Pope Francis will be in Glasgow for the meetings and official confirmation from the Vatican is expected soon

The visit by the Pope will be the first by Pope Francis and the first since Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.

Pope John Paul II famously visited in 1982 and gave a Mass for hundreds of thousands of catholics in Bellahoustoun Park.

Pope Francis is not expected to give Mass, when he is in Glasgow.