IT WAS all go at the Ralston Square Old People’s Club in December 1951.

The annual balloon race was in fill swing, and from our caption on the back of this joyous archive photo, ’81-year-old Jane Knox, left, seems to be winning….’

Jane was pictured with John Kerr, 69 and Mrs Corcorran, 65, who perhaps did not want to share her first name with the photographer.

Elsewhere, do you think these AC Milan players were feeling the cold?

Glasgow Times: Milan football players, 1957

It was November, after all, and the famous Italian football club was in town to play Rangers at Ibrox later that evening.

When our photographer asked them to pose on the pitch for a team photo, out came the fetching hats.

They must have warmed up, though, as they went on to win the match four goals to one.

The coalman, pictured here in 1959, used to be a common site on Glasgow streets.

Glasgow Times: Coalman 1959

Times Past reader Jean Duncan, from Nitshill, recalls: “I used to feel awful sorry for our coalman as he had to climb all the tenement stairs, lugging those bags which must have weighed a ton.

“I used to love the big horses though, although they looked really fed up most of the time. Can’t have been an easy job for man or horse!”

Do these photos spark any memories for you?

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