Do takeaways that have gone viral on social media live up to their hype? 

That’s what I put to the test this week when my turn for the takeaway review came around again. 

I’ve known since July where I would be doing it on – there was only one place – Melton Johns. 

The Govan Road eatery went viral after they unveiled their controversial salt and chilli fry up. 

And last week, Clydebank funnyman Kevin Bridges paid a visit, so I had to try it.

I wasn’t brave enough to try the controversial breakfast, however, and played it safe with my old faithful, salt and chilli chicken and chips. 

Given the order was coming all the way from Govan to the city centre at lunchtime, I was really impressed with the speed in which it arrived and that it was still hot.

For the chicken, the emphasis was very much on chilli as it blew my mouth off. 
That said, the portion was generous and I was pleased to see they didn’t scrimp on chicken. 

It seemed healthier than the deep fried, battered salt and chilli chicken out there as well. 

Without sauce, it was a tad dry, but that’s my own fault for not ordering any. 
The chips were perfect and still crispy, despite the fact they came from the other side of town.

Because the food was so reasonably priced, I got myself an additional treat of a biscoff millionaire’s shortbread which was absolutely delicious.

Glasgow Times:

Along with the can of Irn Bru I ordered, the total was just £10.89 including delivery which I thought was great value.

It arrived quickly and piping hot too.

I think I have to give Melton Johns more adventurous dishes such as their famous salt and chilli fry up a go in order to really say whether or not it’s worth the hype. If you’re in the area and looking for something a bit different, it’s definitely worth a trip and is great value for money. 

Looking at their menu, they also offer standard lunch fare such as baked tatties and paninis. While my dish wasn’t everything I’d hoped, I would definitely try some of Melton Johns more adventurous dishes in the future – I simply have myself to blame for playing it too safe.