NELSON MANDELA's famous visit to Glasgow in which he credited the city for his freedom will be celebrated with the launch of an online video. 

The revolutionary and former South African president travelled to Glasgow on October 9, 1993 to receive the Freedom of the City of Glasgow award. There he delivered a speech showing his appreciation for Glasgow for acknowledging his freedom. 

He famously said: “Whilst we were physically denied our freedom in the country of our birth, a city 6,000 miles away, and as renowned as Glasgow, declared us to be free.” He also said that while in prison: “it (the Freedom) made us realise that the world hadn’t forgotten us.”

To mark Black History Month this October and 28 years since his visit, the Nelson Mandela Scottish Memorial Foundation is launching a six-minute video. It will feature archive footage of the visit and a performance from the Ayr Fiddle Orchestra. 

He won the award in 1981, while he was still in prison for conspiring against the apartheid regime installed by the South African government.

Glasgow served as the catalyst for his freedom, prompting 2,264 mayors from 56 different countries to sign a declaration to the United Nations demanding his release. He then went on to become South Africa's first black head of state, and the first to be elected in a fully democratic state. 

The video will go live on YouTube, Facebook and the Foundation website on October 9 at 1pm.