The extra payment to over 80s in Glasgow to help with heating costs over the winter, that was scrapped this year, should be re-instated according to Labour councillors.

The affordable warmth payment of £100 was introduced in 2011 by a Labour run council.

It was ended earlier this year in the budget deal agreed by SNP and Green councillors.

When it was removed the council leader, Susan Aitken, said no-one would be losing out as the Scottish Government’s winter fuel payment was providing almost £5m for over 80s in Glasgow.

She said that allowed the council to “reinvest the affordable warmth payment in other ways to support people in poverty including older people.”

But Labour councillors say older pensioners are facing a choice between heating and eating this winter and want the allowance brought back.

With fuel bills about to increase and the cost of living rising with food prices going up in supermarkets, there are calls for even more help to be made available to the older population over winter.

Labour claim the SNP said the Scottish Government was to replace the affordable warmth payment and say that has not happened.

Malcolm Cunning, Labour group leader said: “This winter, too many people in Glasgow are facing fuel poverty as energy prices spiral out of control.

“There is local and national action that can be taken right now.

“Labour would give everyone in Scotland struggling with fuel poverty £70 to help them through the winter months.

“But in the face of government inaction, the Glasgow administration can introduce local measures. It should recognise it made a mistake in scrapping the affordable warmth payment of £100 and reintroduce it this winter for our most vulnerable citizens.”

He added: “In the words of Susan Aitken, the scheme is a ‘lifesaver’ – and her pledge that it would be replaced by Nicola Sturgeon has never materialised.

The policy is likely to be a campaigning issue at the next council election which takes place in May next year with Labour pledging to re-instate the payment.

This winter there is an additional £130 Pandemic Support Payment being paid to people across Scotland who receive a council tax discount.

The SNP said if would listen if there was a plan to find the cash.

Ricky Bell, SNP group City Treasurer, said: “If Labour to us with a proposal for where money could come for a one-off payment, of course we are prepared to listen.

“But we should not lose sight of the Tories dismantling of the social security net in front of our eyes. We should all be focused on how we can get them to change tact.

"They are the only ones with the power to reinstate the universal credit uplift, keep their pensions promises and increase the Winter Fuel Payment – all of which would support families across the city.”