Glasgow MSPs racked up an expenses bill of almost a quarter of a million pounds last year.

The city’s 15 MSPs claimed for travel, and hotels as well as office rent and staff costs.

Much of the year involved a hybrid of home working and travel to Edinburgh as Holyrood was subject to lockdown March 2020.

The highest claim was from SNP MSP for Kelvin Sandra White, who stood down at the last election after serving in every parliament since devolution in 1999.

She claimed a total of £28,394. The bill included £1800 for Edinburgh hotels at up to £140 per night.

Next was Bill Kidd, SNP MSP for Anniesland, who claimed £24,738.

Third highest was James Dornan, SNP MSP for Cathcart, who claimed £23,053

The lowest claim of the city’s MSPs was from Adam Tomkins, Conservative MSP whose bill totalled £6,080.

Tomkins didn’t stand for another term in 2021 election.

Second lowest was his Tory colleague Annie Wells, who billed for £8,498.

Third lowest was Labour MSP Johann Lamont, who also was an MSP since 1999 until the election in May, who claimed £8,537.

Between them, the MSPs claimed £11,702 for staff homeworking costs as their constituency and Holyrood staff had to work from home during the pandemic.

The MSPs claimed just over £18,000 for hotel stays in Edinburgh, evening meals and refreshments.

The travel costs for the Glasgow MSPs totalled just under £10,000.

Most of the motoring cost was from four MSPs claimed for motor mileage, with Labour’s James Kelly, Pauline McNeill and Anas Sarwar and Conservative, Annie Wells, billing for £6,879 between them.

The claims for rail travel for MSPs totalled £2473 and taxi fares were £270.

Just two members put in taxi claims, James Dornan and Sandra White.

Dornan for trips from his home to Queen Street Station and both from Waverley Station in Edinburgh to the Scottish Parliament.

Across Scotland the total for the country’s 129 MSPs was £17.289 million, which is an increase of £0.301 million or 1.8% on the previous year’s corresponding figure of £16.987 million.

Between them MSPs charged £145,809 for motor mileage at 45p per mile meaning around 324,000 miles.

Only one MSP claimed the cycling allowance.

Willie Rennie, who was LibDem leader until the election in May, claimed £76 for 8 trips at 20p per mile, £9.60 per journey for a 48 mile round trip from his home to Holyrood and back again.