LAST year senior SNP figure Angus Robertson made appalling comments as he boasted about 55,000 predominantly no-supporting voters passing away every year.

The now SNP Constitution Secretary’s mask slipped and made public the opinions that I see all too frequently from cybernats on Twitter, who are only following the lead from elected nationalist representatives.

It is because in 2014 and in polls time and time again since then, older Scots have comprehensively rejected the SNP’s empty promises on pensions, currency, mortgages, borders, taxation and security. For having the audacity to disagree with the SNP, they are held in contempt by the nationalist movement.

While diehard nationalists are open about this strategy online, their politicians tend to speak in code. So instead of speaking directly about death, SNP politicians talk about ‘demographics’.

Instead of referencing mortality, they speak about a ‘waiting game’.

However, let’s be clear, the wait is not for the SNP to spend time convincing undecided voters of their argument, it is waiting for those who disagree with them to no longer have a vote. These chilling remarks were not made in recent days by some fringe radical, but by Nicola Sturgeon herself.

She has reaffirmed the remarks made by Angus Robertson and showcased that they are forming a significant part of the SNP’s strategy and thinking on another divisive independence referendum.

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Far from being isolated incidents, this is the sort of dog-whistle politics that our First Minister sprinkles all over our political discourse as a wink and nudge to the more extreme wing of her party who are impatient at the lack of another vote on independence.

These are the extremists to whose tune the First Minister dances.

Here in Glasgow we are used to the SNP treating the city’s older residents as little more than an afterthought. From withdrawing free swimming at the beginning of her administration to scrapping the £100 affordable warmth payment in the middle of a global pandemic, Susan Aitken’s leadership of Glasgow City Council has portrayed her complete and utter disdain for Glasgow pensioners.

Not content with taking away the affordable warmth payment, the SNP’s pledge to set up a publicly run energy provider has been completely abandoned.

Much like the ferries that never run and the hospitals that never open, this must just be another one of Nicola Sturgeon’s broken promises that have conveniently slipped her mind. The only ‘waiting game’ that Glasgow’s SNP Administration now needs to be concerned with is the time between now and May 5. Next year the citizens of Glasgow will be able to deliver their verdict on the city’s first ever nationalist administration.

For older and younger Glaswegians alike, the consequences of the SNP’s mismanagement have been damning. We are only weeks away from hosting the most important environmental conference in our lifetime and the streets of this city are still an absolute state.

The SNP’s only grand idea to fix the situation has been taping around incidents of fly tipping CSI-style while leaving overflowing bins and abandoned refuse to rot, and rat infestation to continue to sky rocket.

Older Glaswegians are sick and tired of the SNP’s disdain.