Having spent nearly 45 years working abroad in the entertainment business, I am now, at 88 years of age, in retirement near to my family and grandchildren in Glasgow.
I am a British citizen who moved to Scotland to be near my Scottish daughter. 

I witness everyday how ‘People make Glasgow’! 

They are friendly, happy, funny and kind and are always willing to help others. 

Later this year, Glasgow will be on ‘stage’ to host a world conference in November enabling them to show the world how wonderful a city it is. 

Beautiful architecture, wonderful arts, the history of Ship Building and all the other inventions Scotland should be very proud of.

However, I am very worried that we will give the wrong impression. 

To me, it looks as if this town is in mourning as so much of what I see is dark and dull. 
Firstly, why do so many people wear black and grey? Why are so many buildings worn and shabby? 

Why are the roads such a disgrace and why oh why is there such a lack of bright colour?!

Please can Glasgow City Council help people to be proud of this wonderful dynamic city!
Let’s brighten up everything to show the world the best of us and not the worst. Please could the media help, especially Glasgow to brighten up! 

It would help the lives of so many and make the world look at us in a different light.
I am constantly reminded of my working life in the 60s when I toured the communist countries.

So please Glasgow…forget these dull colours. Wake up and smile with the colour and brightness you deserve.

Bryan Marley
Milngavie resident

YOUR front page story yesterday really got me thinking. To see the long queues of people waiting to be fed... how can we allow this to go on? Colin McInnes and his team at Homeless Project Scotland are doing a wonderful job each week and the least they deserve is our support. 
Why are they not getting it? 
Why are we heading towards winter where, in all likelihood, more people are going to be suffering. 
Enough is enough. 
John Harvey