1 Described by some as the ‘Angel of the Gorbals’, Edith White was an extraordinary human being who worked tirelessly to improve the lives of elderly people and children with disabilities. In the 1930s, when the area was struggling through hard times, Edith started free dancing lessons in a bid to take local children away from the dreary backcourts and overcrowded homes, at least for a brief spell, into a world of music and fun. On the first day, 100 young people turned up. Over the years she helped thousands of children discover a love of dance, with many becoming dance teachers themselves, and some taking their first steps into a professional career.

Glasgow Times: Edith White

2 Edith was connected to the Guild of Aid, run by Marald Grant to help women and children in the Gorbals. The Guild set up a nursery for the children of working mothers, charging 1 shilling (5p) a week. It also organised cookery classes, provided cheap clothing and organised “fresh-air fortnights” for women and children to take holidays away from the city.

3 Edith was also a keen church worker and the first woman to be appointed to the congregational board of Orchardhill Church. She was named Evening Times Scotswoman of the Year in 1974.

4 She had her own health problems – she was partially sighted after an accident – but refused to let them stand in her way.

5 Three nights a week Edith gave up her time to work with children with disabilities and ran exercise sessions for older people. She organised day trips and outings too. “I have never known such happiness as I have working with Gorbals people,” she once said.