A GLASGOW GP surgery has warned its patients that service could be disrupted next month due to roadworks around COP26.

A text message was sent to those signed up at Radnor Street Surgery in the West End ahead of the climate summit in less than three weeks' time. 

It informs patients that phone lines may take longer to answer than usual while the practice expects to be short-staffed due to the disruption. 

Management apologised for any inconvenience that may be caused and adds that the situation "is out of their control".

The text reads: "Due to our surgery's location, there will be major road restrictions and increased traffic congestion in the area.

"GP's and staff may also have difficulty getting into work. During this time we ask that you bear with us as we may be short-staffed, therefore our phones may take longer to be answered. 

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused, this is out of our control.

"Further information can be found at www.getreadyglasgow.com."

Glasgow Times:

More than 100 world leaders and around 25,000 delegates are expected to arrive in the city on November 1.

A full list of the road closures can be viewed on the local authority's Get Ready Glasgow website -  set up to inform residents of changes brought on by the event.

The Clydeside Expressway is among the roads set to be closed amid a period of "extreme disruption". 

Get Ready Glasgow said that the measures were requested by Police Scotland and the UK Government to ensure the city's safety. 

Members of the public have been advised to find alternative modes of transport during the 12-day-long summit. 

Glasgow Times:

A spokesman said: "COP26 is a United Nations event with the UK and Italian governments sharing the presidency. A huge range of partners are involved in making sure the conference goes smoothly and safely for everyone.

“Glasgow City Council is putting in place the practical measures, including security road closures, that Police Scotland and the UK Government have asked for. Some 140 world leaders and around 25,000 delegates are taking part in the conference and the security will be intense. There will be disruption.

“We are encouraging everyone to allow more time for their journeys, to leave the car at home and to walk, cycle or use public transport so that they can still get to work and go about their daily lives, as easily as possible in the circumstances.

“It’s good to see GP surgeries in the areas closest to the COP26 venues taking action to inform patients about the likely impact of the security measures.”

An NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde spokesman added: "We have been working with GP practices in areas close to the SEC, and across the city, to ensure they can continue delivering services to our communities. 

"This has included providing advice and support with regard to security and transport restrictions and working to resolve any issues that may arise. 

"However, there will be some travel disruption as a result of COP26 and we would urge anyone accessing healthcare services to plan ahead and check with www.getreadyglasgow.com for the latest advice."