A huge ship has sailed into Glasgow to provide accommodation during COP26.

MS Romantika, operated by Tallink Grupp, was captured heading towards the city yesterday.

Glasgow Times: [Photograph: David Smith][Photograph: David Smith]

It is one of two vessels from the company providing accommodation and related services at the global climate conference taking place in November.

Romantika and her fellow fleet member MS Silja Europa will join in Glasgow, to support personnel working at the event.

Glasgow Times: [Photograph: David Smith][Photograph: David Smith]

The giant cruise vessel has been chartered for the period between October 15 - November 15 with a charter agreement in place for MS Silja Europa from October 17 - November 17.

Glasgow Times: [Photograph: David Smith] [Photograph: David Smith]

Tallink Grupp's CEO Paavo Nõgene said: "We are pleased that we have been able to demonstrate to our good cooperation partners this year that we have extremely good vessels suitable not only for travelling and transport, but also for accommodation services, that we have very capable crew and staff who can deliver exceptional results and service levels under great pressure and in very complex circumstances, and that Tallink Grupp can very quickly, flexibly and professionally meet the needs of even the most complex events and requirements.

"Our team helped the G7 Cornwall summit organising team achieve a great outcome in June this year, two of our vessels and technical crew are performing well in the Mediterranean at present and I am sure we will rise to the challenge also at COP26 in Scotland.

"The charter agreements offer a boost to our business during these continuing challenging times when passenger numbers are still not increasing fast enough and we will continue to work to identify other short-term and long-term opportunities for our vessels."

Glasgow Times: [Photograph: David Smith] [Photograph: David Smith]

World leaders are set to gather in Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Conference to discuss global efforts to tackle climate change.

The event will officially begin on Sunday, October 31 at the Scottish Events Campus (SEC) running until November 12.