A MAN was caught with heroin and a knife after drug rivals grassed him up to police for refusing to share his stash.

Paul Bonnar was stopped by police around 2.40pm on September 23 after cops received a tip from an anonymous caller that "a man named Paul was in possession of a knife."

Depute fiscal Ruth Cockburn told Glasgow Sheriff Court that officers were sent out to the scene and saw Bonnar heading up a lane at Langbar Crescent in Wellhouse.

They searched the 40-year-old and discovered a metal handled kitchen knife and four bags of brown powder.

One of the bags had been opened and the powder leaked out on to one of the officer's hands.

Ms Cockburn told the court Bonnar was taken to Coatbridge police station.

She said the three remaining wraps weighed 3.5g and tested positive for diamorphine.

Bonnar's defence brief told the court: "He was taking the knife from the address where he was residing with his partner to his partner’s mother’s house.

"Although he does appreciate that is not the best excuse.

"He met with two people and got into a discussion with them and went with them to an address where people were smoking heroin.

"They were unhappy that he would not give them heroin and suspects they called the police.

"He has addiction issues that have plagued him his entire adult life from childhood trauma in relation to his primary school education."

The lawyer added that Bonnar is already in custody and has been engaging in an abstinence programme while behind bars.

Sheriff Diana McConnell: "I have listened to what has been said on your behalf.

"There would have been merit in deferring but given your personal situation that’s not feasible."

Bonnar was sentenced on Tuesday to 163 days in prison, which was reduced from 182 thanks to his guilty plea.