A DRUNK van driver threatened members of the public who asked him to move his vehicle.

But despite it being the second time in two years that Robert McEleney was caught under the influence behind the wheel, the 28-year-old dodged jail.

McEleney appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday where depute fiscal Ruth Cockburn told how he had been asked politely to move his van from blocking a a garage.

But he lost his temper and starting shouting and swearing, calling one woman a "c***" and threatening to "get" another man.

The incident happened outside the Alamo Guest House on Gray Street in Finnieston around 5.40pm on April 20.

Four people standing outside the guest house saw a white panel van turn into the street and park outside a garage.

One of the four approached to speak to the driver and ask him to move the van.

McEleny, from Summerston, replied: “F*** off. I couldn’t give a f*** if it was blocking anything.

“F****** c***. I will get you.”

Ms Cockburn said the witness remained calm and continued to ask him to move the car.

But McEleney said: “If you’ve got a problem I’ll go and get my mate out of the park and then we will see what you’re saying.”

Ms Cockburn added: "The accused was shouting with such aggression that droplets of spit could he seen leaving his mouth.

"The accused turned his attention to [the witness] and got in her face.

"He said: “Posh c***” and “F*** off”.

"[The witness] was scared and could smell alcohol on his breath."

Another in the group called the number on the side of the van while the fourth called 999.

Another man spoke to the accused and explained he couldn’t conduct himself in such a manner.

McEleney then went on to apologise. He said: “Even though you are a c*** I’m sorry I called you a c***.”

Two police officers arrived at the scene and the accused, on seeing the police officers, began to walk away.

They told him to stop and he did before dropping a set of keys at his feet.

The accused was informed they had been contacted in reference to an allegation he had been driving drunk.

He was placed in the rear of the police vehicle and asked if he had drunk alcohol, to which he said “30 minutes ago”.

He failed a breath test sample and so was arrested and taken to Helen Street.

He said “I accept every charge.”

McEleney's defence brief said: “He realises the serious position he is in.

“He takes full responsibility for his actions and makes no effort to excuse or minimise his actions.

“His level of shame is such that he had not told his own mother about the incident and only told her this morning.

“She was shocked and disappointed.

“He is aware that he could have caused significant harm to others and could have ruined other people’s lives because of driving under the influence.”

The lawyer added: "He is in full time employment self employed electrical sub contractor and has the opportunity to go to Switzerland to work on a contract.

"He knows he is going to lose his licence for a significant period.

"That will not prevent him from working but will make it more difficult.

"He tells me he is not addicted to alcohol but when he drinks he drinks too much."

Sheriff Diana McConnell told McEleney his behaviour was "disgraceful".

She said: "I have listened to what has been said on your behalf and a custodial sentence should be considered.

"Your conduct was absolutely disgraceful and you were well over the limit.

"You were on the road in your van and when people tried to speak to you to ask you to move it, it came to light you were under the influence.

"You acted in an appalling manner to these members of the public who had done nothing wrong."

The sheriff went on to point out that this had all occurred following a recent conviction in 2019 for driving under the influence.

But she spared him jail thanks to his good work ethic and otherwise clear record.

McEleny was put on a community payback order and told to carry out 144 hours of unpaid work.

He is disqualified from driving for 43 months.