CAMPAIGNERS have made an eleventh-hour plea to repair a “crumbling” Southside flyover amid warnings COP26 will ramp up traffic on the site.

Drumoyne Community Council has pleaded for urgent work to be carried out over fears the busy Shieldhall flyover will collapse.

As previously reported, residents surrounding the road have been demanding action from Glasgow City Council for years, concerned it would lead to a “mass casualty” event.

However, alerts from the local authority warning traffic will be increased throughout the UN summit, which kicks off on Halloween, due to the closure of the Clydeside expressway, have caused the community councillors to worry it could put additional pressure on the structure.

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The council insists the road is safe and inspections are routinely carried out to ensure it continues to be appropriate for drivers to use.

However, work is underway to secure funding for repairs to the site which, the council admits, are needed in the future.

The news has failed to fill the community council with confidence, who are adamant work must be carried out before the conference begins insisting that the road will not only become a major route for those travelling around the city, but will still be a key point for those travelling to and from Glasgow’s flagship Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

A spokesperson for the community council said: “We are disgusted by the lack of action taken but not overly surprised. It’s a joke that nothing has been done and a total contradiction to then tell people that the road will be busier.”

Community councillors have reported sections of bricks falling from the structure onto the busy roundabout below and water can be seen pouring through it when heavy rainfalls, prompting fears there are holes within the stonework.

While part of the pillars appear to be eroding, revealing the metalwork underneath.

Glasgow City Council previously confirmed work will commence to carry out the repairs at the earliest possible opportunity.

However, its safety is being maintained in the meantime.

A spokesman for the council said: “Repairs on the Shieldhall fly-over are required and we are working to secure the funding necessary for those repairs to go ahead.

“However, close-up structural inspections and detailed structural modelling of the fly-over indicate it is safe for use and will not be affected by any increase in traffic.”

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The busy Clydeside Expressway will close on October 23 until November 15 leading to an increase in traffic along the M8, Shieldhall flyover and surrounding roads.

Earlier this week, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde issued advice to its staff to ensure they allow extra time for travelling to and from work to cope with the expected delay when the likes of Boris Johnson and Joe Biden will be in the city.