Glasgow is the third dirtiest council area in Scotland according to Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The agency carries out environmental audits on all 32 councils and monitors levels of litter, dog fouling, fly-tipping, flyposting and graffiti.

Colin Edgar, Director of Communications for Glasgow City Council, said on TV last night that Glasgow was not the dirtiest city in Scotland and not even the dirtiest in the central belt suggesting Edinburgh is dirtier.

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So we took to the streets of Glasgow to ask our readers what they think?

Glasgow Times:

David Stewart, 28, from Shettleston said: “Glasgow is dirtier in the more run-down parts, the council should employ more bin men.

"Other areas in Shettleston are quite bad.”

Glasgow Times:

Sarah Ryan, 20, from Ireland but living in Glasgow, said: “Lately I feel like since everything opened up after Covid it’s difficult to keep up appearance.

"Glasgow always tries its best but somehow Edinburgh exceeds expectations in terms of keeping it clean, both cities are beautiful, but Edinburgh always goes the extra mile.”

Glasgow Times:

Tom Neill, 21, from Australia but living in Glasgow, said: “Since Covid Glasgow has felt a bit lacking of appearance due to everything transpiring because of the virus. 

"Glasgow is a beautiful city. It has exceeded my expectations, however, Edinburgh has continued to maintain a great appearance and environment.”


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