My heart broke when I read about the poor asylum seekers who live off a fiver a day.

As the daughter of an Irish immigrant, if it wasn’t for Glaswegian hospitality I wouldn’t like to think where my family would be.

I really hope the Government take action and think about improving this situation.

Mary Reilly Coatbridge

I was heartened to read about the Riddrie parents and their kids who took part in their own community litter pick.

Our city is filthy, and I think we all need to do our bit to help clean it up.

Litter picks are a great way to get out and about and improve the local community. Well done to all involved – great work. Let’s hope people stop dropping their rubbish and the council keep on top of emptying the bins now.

M Duke Springburn

The SFA need to get a grip with the TV broadcasters and show people in Scotland the most important games in our qualifying world cup group Qatar 2022 not the meaningless ENGLAND game on our Scottish council telly.

Thank god for the radio.

So against Moldova put it on free like our English counterparts enjoy no subscription here in Scotland free to all on council TV.

Stephen Johnstone Dowanside Road